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Shipping Container Living Made Simple - Sales and Customizations


Storage-Home, Local, Remote, Construction and Renovations Needs.


Shipping Container-Home, Office, Workshop and general extra living space.


As warmer weather approaches how about adding a shipping container home, home addition, workshop, office, toy shed or just simple storage?  Do you require a pool or lake house, storge for your outdoor of watersport equipment?  Mustang Container Sales a family-owned small business since its beginnings in 2009 can service and deliver all of your shipping container needs from our HUB in Houston or other locations.

We sell out of our own inventory as well as operate our own repair and fabrication facility in Houston. We can deliver for you to locations within Texas and Louisiana as well as throughout the United States.

Do you need extra office or workshop space? A growing number of people every day are working from home.  A shipping container office or workshop can fulfill your needs? How about a custom shipping container home or additions to an existing home? Customizations performed to satisfy your requirements.  

Excellent for use during renovations and building projects.

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