AE Development Co. can provide you with the modular/manufactured factory built homes, offices, warehouse or combination you require.  We can offer you a full turnkey purchase option (design, through build) or deliver to you a kit you can assemble on your own based on your budget and development plans.  The assembled unit can be any size or configuration depending on your budget and plans.  Some benefits of our units are:

  • -Walls and roof made of lightweight steel sandwich panels or with steel structure.
  • -Delivered ready for assembly.  Easy to pack and transport.  Does not need to be shipped over the road partially assembled.
  • -Can be assembled by a common worker with electric tools.  In general no heavy equipment like cranes required.
  • -Panels fastened together with rivets and bolts.
  • -Environment protective does not create waste materials.
  • -Safe and stable for hurricanes and earthquakes.  Can be designed based on your specific requirements.
  • -Many decorative options.
  • -Anti-rust and corrosion for a long life.
  • -Flexibility in dimensions and specifications.
  • -Does not require full cement foundation.  They can also be placed on piers off the ground.

In addition to our modular products we can also assist you with shipping container homes that have many of the same benefits.  They can come designed and just be placed on your property based on your specific requirements.

These products are also excellent for remote locations and can be designed to operate off the grid.

Our products can also be used for constructing offices, workshops and warehouses to meet our customer needs.

How can we assist you in taking your vision and creating a finished home/building?