AE Development Co. is your source for manufactured homes and office buildings of all sizes and configurations. We can assist you through all stages of development from budgeting to construction, placement, inspections, and design with simple to very high-end furnishings/fixtures. These residential or office buildings can be built from manufactured components or green products such as re-purposed shipping containers. The only limitation is your imagination and budget.

For residents, the size can vary from a permanently placed "tiny" home, a moveable "tiny" home to a larger more complex structure. These residents can also be connected to all public/private services or stand totally off the grid using solar panels, water tanks, and composting toilets - perfect for your primary residence, vacation home, hunting lodge or guest house.

Our units can be utilized to construct small office park, worksite offices or storage. These structures can be semi-permanently placed or transported to various worksites.

Your residential or office building would will be built with the highest quality products and skilled labor.

Plese contact us for more information or to discuss your project.