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Modular/Manufactured Factory Built Homes and Buildings. Container Sales & Modifications, Specialized Equipment, Homes & Buildings.

Our Products

We offer our clients a very diverse group of products. Our companies are in an excellent position to provide the products they require to meet their specific needs. The team can assist our customers from design, engineering through full production.   Examples of our products:

  • -Modular/Manufactured factory built homes, offices, warehouse or combination you require.  We can offer you a full turnkey purchase option (design, through build) or deliver to you a kit you can assemble on your own based on your budget and development plans.  The assembled unit can be any size or configuration depending on your budget and plans.
  • -New & Used Shipping/Storage Containers – either an individual or large group of units.
  • -Modifications such as offices & worksites
  • -Specialized Containers
  • -DNV 2.7-1 Certified Equipment – full range of equipment types
  • -Shipping Container Homes & Buildings

Modular/manufactured factory built products are perfect for all living/office requirements from a micro/tiny home, barndominium through a full-size home or building.  We can offer our modular/manufactured products as kits for assembly by the buyer through a fully built-out home ready for the client to move in.  For this product and shipping container homes/buildings, the only limiting factor is the imagination of our clients.

Please contact our team to let us know how we can work with you to meet your needs.  Our dedicated team is ready to help.

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